April 22 Concert


Thank you to those of you who were able to attend Tuesday’s rehearsal. I think we got a good jump on the music with what we had. However, I need to stress the importance of getting the music ready for this concert and rehearsal attendance. So far we have had a very good response (34 responses) to the attendance poll, but there are still several “holes” that need to be filled.

 Based on the attendance poll, we have:

7 Flutes (need 2-3 more)
1 Oboe (need 2 more)
1 Bassoon (need 1 more)
6 Clarinets (need 2-3 more)
0 Bass Clarinet (need 1)
3 Alto Saxes (need 1 more)
0 Tenor Sax (need 1)
0 Bari Sax (need 1)
4 Trumpets (need 3-4 more)
2 Horns (need 2 more)
4 Trombones (need 2 more)
3 Euphoniums
0 Tubas (need 2)
1 Harp
1 Piano
1 Percussion (need 2-3 more)

While some of you have indicated that you are playing (by showing up at rehearsal or letting me know outside the poll) we need to hear from the rest of you. If you haven’t already responded to the poll, please do so.

Also, please take the time to familiarize yourselves (and your ears and fingers as applicable) to the pieces via the audio files:

Lastly, the rehearsal schedule will go out tomorrow. My apologies for the delay. Please be on the lookout for it.

Ted Vives, Artistic and Musical Director

Los Alamos Community Winds
1st Runner-Up, 2012 American Prize (Concert Band Division)
3rd Place, 2014 American Prize (Concert Band Division)