Summer Concerts

Thank you all again for a fine performance last night. Very challenging literature and performed quite well. Congratulations!!

Just a reminder, that there is no rehearsal for the next 2 weeks. We will resume on Tuesday, May 9 to read through music for the summer and have our annual membership meeting. Please try to attend even if you aren’t playing this summer as we will be going over plans for next season and as always seeking ideas and input from the membership.

So far, of the 25 responses we have received, we have the following numbers for the 3 planned summer concerts:

Memorial Day – 11 players confirmed with 2 if need be (obviously this is not enough)
July 4 – 18 players confirmed with 1 player if need be (this may be enough – depending on instrumentation, but of course more players are desired.)
July 25 – 18 players confirmed with 5 players if need be (same as above)

I have not cross-referenced this with the instrumentation these numbers provide, but overall, as you can see, we do need more players for the summer.

Please take a few minutes and respond to the attendance poll:

Again, great work yesterday! Enjoy the break and see you all on Tuesday, May 9 at WRBC

Ted Vives
Artistic and Musical Director
Los Alamos Community Winds